10 Things Gamers Should NEVER Be Ashamed Of

Everyone who plays games can relate to some of these. Whether you’re hardcore or casual, you shouldn’t feel ashamed.
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  1. Here's one thing that I think you should be ashamed about: playing a game where you can customize your character and making them a woman with large breasts or something like that. I know that video games are worlds where you can be anything you want and even I have been guilty of this myself sometimes, but I still think you should be ashamed about this.
    Unless you are a woman yourself and have big breasts I don't know 😅

  2. You should never be ashamed of playing kids games as an adult. Especially if they're great games like Lego or Mario or splatoon or Pokémon. I'm 29 and most of my games are rated E.

  3. God when I was in high school I remember having to closet the fact that I was a gamer, because being a gamer at the time was apparently the "worst" thing that you could be. So I hung out with people that tbh I really had nothing in common with. I remember at one point someone found out, and immediately my social status dropped for some unknown fucking reason. Then I graduated and realized high school is a bunch of bullshit, and the second you get out your life will change. Never looked back, and my life (lives) is so much better now. Thank you gaming community for being amazing <3

  4. You shouldn't feel ashamed about the fact that you use cheats in games like skyrim.I did and then I realized I played the game to have fun not to play it the way some people want because maybe I don't find it as as entertaining as they do to level up and get items and cool armor and weapons . Whenever I would make a new character in skyrim I could not resist not to use cheats but at the end of the day all that matters is that you have fun not what others think you might be that kind of guy with six kids and a wife and a job and have only ten minutes a day to play video games so it makes sense that you will use cheats because you don't have time to work your way up . So this is my opinion , you should really use cheats if you like using them

  5. Make a video talking about how having graphics settings on consoles (so that you can choose between higher fps or higher quality textures and shadows) would be a good thing.

  6. I actually met my best friend playing destiny, I always thought it was kinda pathetic but he was probably the one person who knew me better than anyone i knew in real life.

    A year and a half after we met he died of cancer. i always knew he had it but that moment when his sister told us that he died literally dropped my jaw that "this was it.. id never get to do raids with him ever again or hear him say any of his weird catch phrases ever" to this day playing destiny doesnt have the same magic it used to – and that was because he's gone

  7. I've seen a lot of people talking about how WoW is the real deal whenever you bring up an opinion of another MMO wether or not you're doing it in comparison to WoW or not. Some of those actually look down on you for saying how cool is let's say TERA while you never played WoW. So I played WoW after having my way with TERA, B&S, Perfect World and other titles of the genre and to be farily honest, there are two major aspects by which I judge an MMORPG namely Lore/Universe and Gameplay mechanics. My conclusion is that WoW is more than worth playing even just for the story, even if it's core gameplay feels like a freakin TBS especially at low level while TERA and the titles that came after it, use mechanics that make the gameplay way more interesting. For example if a fight doesn't go as planned you don't need to wait for your spells to finish and run away it the risk of getting struk by a melee attack from 3 meters away, there is no dodge chance as status on equipment. You either perform poorly and take damage, or you perform good and take no damage regardless of how strong your character is.

  8. I think that buying in game items with microtransactions shouldn't be something to be ashamed off. I work 40 hours in a week, I've got a social life and sports to attend to. Being able to play through a story in half the time by cutting out the excessive grinding is the only way I can finish games these days.


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