BLACK PANTHER Trailer (2018)

First Trailer for Black Panther

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  1. I'm more excited for this than Spider-Man: Homecoming. Seriously I don't know who's idea to show practically every fucking scene in the movie. It killed my enthusiasm and I feel like the entire movie was released to me. My expectations for that one are lower now.

  2. A lot of people in the comments: racism
    Me: Why can't Martin Freeman & Benedict cumbebatch be out of one another's movies why cant Freeman get out Benedict's cumberBUTT and just fucken stop bating us all and selling out to all the Sherlocks fans. 17 year-old me would be so excited but now older me is just exhausted. There had BETTER be a Sherlock Holmes joke in there between them two and Downy or else I will further be pissed.

  3. It's about mutha fuckin time!!! I've waited 27 long ass year's for this shit to finally happen!!! God bless Stan Lee and the rest of Marvel Comics Entertainment!!! On tha real!!! ✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊

  4. Superb background score and the action sequences are looking so much worth waiting for!!!! All in all this is just the next marvel movie we have been waiting for.😎

  5. O kurwa, śmierdzace czarnuchy i technologia? ktos musi mi to wytlumaczyc, jak to jest mozliwe, aby najglupsi ludzie tej planety (Lynn &Vatannen) którzy przez ostatnie 3000 tys lat nie zbudowali ani jednego miasta, ktorzy nie stworzyli absolutnie nic, nagle maja jakas niesamowita technologie!?!? jebane brudasy, dzikusy, wspierane poprawnoscia polityczna naszych skorumpowanych lewackich elit, które wmawiaja brudaso-dzikusom ze oni sa czyms nadzwyczajnym! jak mozna byc genialnym z przecietnym IQ 80??? kupa bzdur dla oglupialej dziczy, której potrzebne jest jeszcze 10.000 tys lat, aby zostac cywilizowanym. pozdrawienia z polski.

  6. That one shot of Black Panther in the trees looking down on you with the light shining on him means You guys are fucked. so epic.


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