Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris Expansion – Before You Buy

Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is the first content expansion for the multiplayer hit. Is it worth it, or does it fall flat? Let’s talk.
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  1. I like the DLC it gave me more to do which is all I really wanted. After I'm done doing everything I'll probably just start playing another game and come back to Destiny once the second DLC drops.

  2. Bungie really needs to make an insane comeback with the next dlc. Or even. Scrap this game after the second dlc and make a completely new destiny 3 to top this. This game is just awful. I have the seasons pass and I haven't had any urge to come play the new content. Even watching stuff about it doesn't make me want to go back to play it.

  3. Good video, just confused why you said cool cosmetics are behind a pay wall. Playing the game gives you free eververse engrams. They come steadily and you often get currency from those engrams that you can use to buy specific cosmetics. Otherwise, I agree with everything else.

  4. i saw battlefront 2 before you buy and it had some really good stuff added only a few downsides but destiny 2 just too grindy. I mean i havent ever played a single raid before both in the first and second game its just too hard and grindy and there is so many ppl ahead of yu in the game because they just pros and they want bungie to make it harder but that just makes it more grindy and difficult for new players in my opinion.

  5. Bungie – max level is 330….but you have to cough up 30-50 dollars to be 330…

    Like foreal? Couldn't you increase the cap for everyone and not have a pay wall to hit max level? Fuck d2, it can die for all I care.

  6. Eververse doesn't feel as bad as people put on, the free lootboxes are easily obtainable. I just beat the DLC, and i already have am Exotic ghost shell, and all three exotic emotes/

  7. this the problem with destiny that has lead to the lack of care n content with D2 with being less customization and content to k ow the 20-30 dollar “content” package to show even more lack n care of destiny 2 than it’s vanilla game but those in charges kno there is no other competition for this style right now and as u said… u need ur fix. Bungie has always known how to do a good shooter , fun . But because you can’t critiques and see the faults that need to change with this game and demand them…. it continues to get worse to the point of where it is dead for most us veteran destiny players or they r losing players to go back n play D1! 🤦‍♂️ I mean u r now paying for less content and even more so insane business model to view this game and gamers as nothing more than a cash cow has led to such a lazy greedy standard that u don’t even realize u r paying for old D1 content and gear or reskins of said gear U ALREADY OWNED IN D1! U want so bad to get ur fix that u don’t even realize at this point it’s jus a placebo! Bungie/Activision isn’t even makin u pay for the drug anymore, they saving even more money n giving u powder sugar n u don’t even care cause it’s all about ur fix!!!! This is pathetically said and why critical points and demand for better pratices is need to save this game if it can b at all. D1 has its faults but NOT like this n what we r seein hear but because people r focused on their fix and not demanding better treatment of the game they love….. we r getting more of less n less n less and shady crappy micro transaction BS to focus of what is the obvious truth of destiny 2 right now…. it is viewed as nothing more than cash cow, u n this game r jus a means to an end for a business bottom line , no wonder we r seein what we r seein. If u don’t demand better for a game that has SUCHHH POTIENTAL, then why should they? Long as these practices and business perspective is maintained, vet Destiny gamers and gamers in general , more n more will leave for good as many already have leavin only u, those who want their drug, their fix…. n the statement us gamers r trying to make for the awesome potential that IS destiny and what it can b n still b hopefully … will b dashed because u were still willing to be a number , a dollar bill in a wallet and confirm for Bungie/Activision business model that “we don’t have to worry , we can keep doin what we r doin , keep the business model alive for this cash cow cause look…. those idiots will still pay for their fix even if we aren’t even giving them anything at all. “ 🤦‍♂️ wake up, demand better, or get worse. U may live in the “fix” ignorance but the rest of us gamers r gonna have to deal with ur bad habit😡🤦‍♂️ pleaseeee wake up n expect better! 😩🙏🏻


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