Evolution of God of War

The God of War series (PS2, PS3, PS4, Vita) has become a classic series and a short period of time. How have these games changed, if at all? Falcon breaks it down.
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  1. My favorite one would have to be the very first GoW game. I love all of them but this one for some reason I like this the most because before everything got insanely over the top (which I also liked) the first game really did a great job of making me feel as if I actually was in an fantastic version ancient Greece. It had quiter parts with great soundtrack that was kinda immersive and that in an action game. Plus it had the best narration. Linda Hunt did an awesome job in GoW1. I know that she was also in GoW2 but since the narrator turned into Gaia then her voice lost the neutral tone it had in the first game, which I loved a lot more.

    On a side note, I totally hate QTE's and a fixed camera but in GoW both actually worked and was even great. The QTE scenes looked nice (plus most weren't mandatory and just an option) and the fixed camara let you always see what you were supposed to see. So I'm also a bit sad to see it go but I do believe that the new game needs to move forward and risk doing new stuff. Ascencion proves that you cannot constantly stick with the same formula.

  2. Hey falcon, try next time saying we upload a game every 24 standard terrain global galactic grade 4 times units or something spacy like that. Preferably in relation to a space game (y) πŸ˜€

  3. God of war = middle school. Had ton of fun playing god of war with my friends. Now looking forward to god of war 4. Graphically it looks awesome and combat mechanics are also overhauled. That axe is pretty good tho returns to kratos like thor’s mjolnir

  4. They'll eventually make GoW a girl. Not dishing girls/women whatever. But you know that's going to happen. They would make the next Highlander reboot a girl. If they remake a Masters of the Universe, the next He-Man will be a girl. If they do a next Conan movie, it would be a girl. Girl/Women power. Yea. Whatever.

  5. I remember playing God of war three for the first time and not knowing anything about it. It's the game that got me into Greek mythology and mythology of other things. It also made me want to become a story writer for video games like this. But what I'm really looking forward to us the fist fighting. I hope you can do it freely and whedn ever and that it's not just a cut scene. Hype for the whole game though I'm a huge fan.


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