Guilt-less Recipes for Chocolate Lovers

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All of the chocolate, less of the guilt.

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  1. Heating up avocado in any state is an awful idea. You could get sick. Please stop trying to get people to heat their avocados up.

    Coconut oil is saturated fat. These recipes will not help anyone enjoy these treats “guilt-free”. The only thing I will say that good about these recipes is the lack of massive amounts of sugar being dumped into them. Bananas provide a natural source of sugar, but nothing to the extent some recipes call for.

    If you want to enjoy something “guilt-free”, then enjoy the original version, but work off the calories consumed. It’s a hard habit to form (trust me, I’m still trying), but it’s worth it. You won’t gain a pound if you work off all the calories consumed from a meal, and you won’t have to risk falling ill, or stuffing yourself full of rather unhealthy fat.

  2. guys & girls, if some of u r not fond of bananas or avocados, then simply skip or stop watching this video…. no need to put a negative comment here, after all, it's tasty's version of guilt-free/healthier ideas that u may or may not want to try it out.. btw, did u know that in my country, indonesia, avocados r commonly used to make juices/desserts. ?…😊
    can't wait to see more of ur healthy vids, tasty. !!👍👍✌

  3. So many of these recipes have banana in them, that this video might as well be for girls who are on their period or who are close to having their period because many of these recipes would reduce cramping and provide much needed potassium


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