How Games Use Artificial Intelligence To Play Hide & Seek

We’ve always had AI systems in games, but how exactly do things work when an enemy searches for you while the computer always knows where you are in the first place? Let’s talk.
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  1. Imagine an ai so real that it learns from your decisions, learns your habits, your weaknesses, likes and dislikes, can make you feel bad for doing something. Each decision you make could branch into multiple paths depending on what the ai feels like choosing, interesting concept all the same.

  2. you know that there are bacteria which "know" about their environment less than many of the advanced AI about their game environment, and process the information accordingly. therefore saying that if person would use AI do make decisions would starve to death might be a bit far fetched. It is completely feasible in current technology to make "non starving agent". And you need machine learning only if the environment changes, or is very complex, while you are able to setup or "pre-learn" environment for this non-starving agent. Ability to do most basic actions is no longer out of the reach, still noone would implement true AI doing that in game as in games we prefer to implement everything to look correct and be interesting over realistic.
    Cheers 😉

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