JURASSIC WORLD 2: First Look Trailer (2018)

Here is a First Look on Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom

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    Yep im seeing this one now. Was worried it was just squeezing the shit out of the jurassic park tube to try to get the very last bit out. But this might actually be a whole 'nother tube of Jurassic Park to brush our teeth with.

  2. over the years, Jurassic movies have gotten worse and worse. i bet this one will be just as hackey and cheesy as the last one. The first two were the best.

  3. All they needed to do was keep with the mysterious nature of the dinosaurs in the first one and the scaryness where you feel a T. rex is loud and you’re reminded you ain’t nothing in their world. The last one was vanilla , I wasn’t a big fan of the dinosaurs teaming up at the end and the whole Dino conversations, they stop being scary at that point and there is no suspense, plus the cgi in the first was better and more realistic looking than all this video game looking cgi. Hopefully this one is good and hopefully they don’t follow that horrible dinosaur weapon storyline they keep toying with.


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